Puzzle game that challenge your perception in a totally new way.

Logic game unlike any other Blockistry is a handmade puzzle that takes you to a journey into dark matter. You are given 4 blocks that you'll be using to construct chemical elements for a new universe. The work is far from easy and you'll encounter countless problems octafx-my.com/ib-change that develop your logical thinking and spatial perception.

Highly addictive Blockistry is an extremely addictive game that provides fun for hours and hours. There are over 50 puzzles that come with the game and more puzzles will be found in our Blockistry Mastermind Facebook group octafx-my.com/ib-change/.


Learn to Master Dark Matter

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Learn to Master Dark Matter

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Highly addictive

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Finnish design

True alchemist's comes from the north. Making simple things work for a greater reason. Just a piece of wood and black paint. That is in the heart of finnish design

Over 50 puzzles in one

Blockistry comes with 54 puzzles from absolute beginner to "need a double degree in quantum physics and rocket science to solve this" type. No matter what kind of problem solver you are, this Puzzle will keep you going for one more.

Hand made in Finland

All parts of the game are made here in Finland, so Blockistry truly is a 100% nordic puzzle

Always evolving

New challenges for Blockistry are constantly in the development which means you won't run out of fun. The lifetime of the puzzle is unlike anything else.

Trains your spatial perception

Use the three-dimensional, logical and geometrical skills you gain in your work and hobbies.

Money back guarantee

If you don't find Blockistry the most addicting puzzle in the galaxy, let us know within 30 days after receiving it and we'll refund your money - no questions asked.

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A gift that keeps being interesting

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What people think

Great puzzle with daunting challenges! Never expected putting 4 of the same pieces together could be this hard. Highly recommended for the serious puzzler!


Amazing how just four simple blocks can create such satisfying challenges. Great puzzle, great looks!


That moment when the top view of materia matches the pattern on the booklet; feeling like I created a mind sculpture =) 🖤



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